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Our start in 3D photo printing

We were amazed by the first 3D printed photos. 3D photos printed in this way are also called lithophanes. In this case, the photo first appears in front of a light source. Due to different depths in the material, a black and white image appears when light falls on it. It is also possible to create a colour image by inlaying a colour print on paper. Both old and new photos get a nice look. On the one hand, you can use individual photos. If you want you can join several pictures together or connect them with a frame.

3D photo column / photo cube two photos
Buckled up 3D photo cube

Design options for 3D print luminous photos

Furthermore, there are many design options:

  • 3D print photos with or without frame
  • Frame in different colors
  • Photo on a flat surface or as a half cylinder / full cylinder
  • Design with a message or text

In addition, there are virtually no limits to your ideas.

Influences on 3D Printing Photos

ABIOLA 3D printing photo lamp developed by createYourIdeas

Furthermore, various factors have an influence on the preparation and 3D printing. On the one hand, you can choose different shapes for the lithophane. If multiple photos are used, merge them before configuring.

Creating Lithophane Models

Then decide on the one tool to create models for 3D printing photos. The following programs, for example, can be used for this purpose.

  • By the way, this website allows a simple configuration. It is always important to make sure that the controller is set to positive. Link:
  • A detailed creation is possible here. You can also print out the colour cards. Link:

3D Printing Photos: Create Frame

For a photo column, you can create the frame separately in a CAD program. First, the photo models are loaded into the CAD program. After that, you will create shapes with the help of sketches. Finally, you need to cut out the areas where the photo will be placed. Either model a groove or provide for an adhesive surface.

Further contributions

Furthermore, in the following article you will learn how product development works up to the printing of a prototype.

Contribution to the implementation of a product idea


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