We plan and design stylish and convincing Websites and Apps for both Companies, associations as well as private individuals. Flexibility plays a major role here. This way you always have the possibility to separate content from layout and implement changes as needed. New functions and extensions can also be added afterwards. Read more…


We convert your design ideas into a computer-aided 3D model using a CAD program. We emphasize function, ergonomics and conservation of resources with maximum stability. With 3D printing, we design your models so that your printout meets the best quality requirements. Read more…


With many years of experience in computer software, 3D applications and 3D printing, you can consider us your subject matter experts. We will be happy to help you with your problems. In doing so, we pursue practical approaches to solutions as well as principles and specifications from computer science and engineering disciplines. Contact us without obligation! You will not regret it.

Workplace Software

Do you need professional help setting up software or comprehensive training to increase efficiency in  work processes? We would be happy to share our wealth of experience with you.

Raspberry Pi

We offer applications and solutions with the Raspberry Pi. The main focus here is on the development and testing of server software and the company’s own intranet applications .

There is 99% great potential in your idea…That’s why you should get a free consultation!

Services for your ideas

We are dedicated to making your everyday life easier.


You would like to order 3D models or a printed part?

We offer exclusive 3D services such as 3D design as well as 3D printing of parts or entire assemblies.


Do you want to create your website from scratch or update an existing website?

For this we would like to offer you solutions, which you can either easily customize yourself via a content management system such as WordPress.


Powerful texts that bring you more customers and sales.

    ● Search engine optimization
    ● Keyword research
    ● Keyword optimization
    ● Snippet optimization
    ● Content creation (in different languages)


Would you like to provide an app for your business or venture?

We offer native apps for iOS, Android, Windows and macOS. We use modern development tools like Flutter from Google. We also take care of the backend e.g. in the Google Firestore or as an ordinary MySQL database with a PHP interface.


With many years of experience in Excel and VBA programming, we can offer you Excel applications to simplify your business processes.

We will also be happy to send you examples or show you details in a personal meeting.


Thanks to our specialist knowledge and the use of good tools, we can create documents for you in the form of instructions, letters, offers (e.g. in Word, PDF, XML) or calculations (e.g. Excel). Furthermore, by linking to programs, we can ensure that processes run automatically.

You want to tell us your idea personally?

Implemented ideas in our contributions

By the way, we keep you up to date on ideas and implementations. That’s why you look at the posts. Afterwards, let us know if we can assist you with similar ideas.

Filament in vacuum bag

Store filament

In this article we would like to explain how you should store your filaments to prevent them from causing common printing problems such as stringing or rough surfaces. The material[…]

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Cura 3D Slicer

Cura 3D Prints slicing

We will show you how to prepare 3D prints in Cura. Different printers and filaments can be set and numerous printing properties can be determined. Along with Prusa Slicer, it[…]

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FreeCAD Pyramid transparent

FreeCAD Create Pyramid

You want to know how to create a pyramid in FreeCAD? Then we have found the ultimate solution for you in the Part workspace. Download the latest version here. For[…]

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Multicolor 3D Printing on Prusa Mini

3D printing multicolor

In this post, we’ll show you how to make your 3D print multicolor, and without any additional components! For this we use the color change setting in Prusa Slicer and[…]

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PETG Farbsäule

PETG printing – Our specialty!

PETG printing is one of our specialties! That is why we want to bring you closer to when you should use this stable and versatile material. We will also show[…]

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Create FreeCAD drawing

Create FreeCAD drawing

This time we would like to demonstrate how to create a FreeCAD drawing. We will guide you through the individual steps in the OpenSource CAD program. Here you can install[…]

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OpenSCAD – Program 3D parts!

OpenSCAD is a really great program for creating 3D parts. These features stand out in particular: First, you create highly complex geometries with a few lines of text.Second, you can[…]

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Blog Onshape

Onshape – The CAD for all devices

You’ve heard Onshape before, but you don’t know it yet? Furthermore, have you often wondered whether there are performant CAD systems for the tablet or the smartphone? You wanted to[…]

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Gipfgelgeil Homepage

Create Website – A Guide!

To successfully create website you should answer some questions. We would like to guide you through a process here so that nothing stands in the way of your individual website.[…]

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