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Software, Hardware and 3D / CAD


We create an internet presence or your own app for your company, club or even for private purposes.


With our design experience, we can create a design for your projects.


We are pleased to help you. Be it a broken or slow PC, difficulties with your website or app, or a problem with constructing parts. Please feel free to contact us.

A few things we are great at

With our experience in 3D, product design and computer technology, we can give you a head start in your plans. Through our engineers and skilled workers, we can guarantee you brand quality from Germany.


We offer to create individualized apps on Windows, Linux, Android or iOS operating systems. We are also happy to integrate databases and your desired functions.
In addition, we also link applications to your business processes on request or even map them to them. Digitize your processes!


Through our 3D designers we are able to create models, drawings and animations for you. Furthermore, we can create prototypes for you, e.g. from the 3D printer.

In addition, we can also provide you with production-ready sheet metal or milling models.


We help you to design your working environment so that your processes can run smoothly. We also offer software for your business processes (e.g. enterprise resource planning, data cloud, exchange, wikis). These can, for example, run via your own server or be installed at a suitable provider of your choice.


Do you want to create your website from scratch or update an existing website?

For this we would like to offer you solutions, which you can either easily customize yourself via a content management system such as WordPress. Alternatively, we can offer a support framework contract for you, where we make changes to your website.


With many years of experience in Excel and VBA programming, we can offer you cost-effective Excel applications to simplify your business processes. For example, it is possible to create automated documents or to map simple database systems with Excel without using a complete server.


Thanks to our specialist knowledge and the use of technical editors and the best tools, we can create documents for you in the form of instructions, letters, offers (e.g. in Word, PDF, XML) or calculations (e.g. Excel). Furthermore, by linking to programs, we can ensure that processes run automatically.


Thanks to our large network, we can also help you where our core competencies stop. We are in constant contact with partners from cross-divisional companies.


We want the customer and their ideas to be the focus. We tailor services and products to your requirements.


We offer you quality at fair prices. We make sure that the performance and the resources are in a balanced relationship to the price.

Customer references

What our customers say about us:

I would like to thank you for the quick and helpful IT service for my company. Regardless of whether the printer could not be contacted at short notice or the merchandise management system malfunctioned, Mr. Thomä was always able to find the right solution. Keep it up!

Sharlan Selvanathan
Sharlan Selvanathan

Multiple Subway franchisee
 in Munich

My laptop was already very slow and the display was broken. Thanks to an inexpensive repair at createYourIdeas, my laptop is running faster than before and my display has been replaced.

Anna-Maria L.

Travel advisor at OneWorld in Altusried

Have several 3D printed pictures, they all look really great. Good gift idea. Great quality. And I ordered a printer cartridge, and it was there very quickly. I am very satisfied with the service!

Patrick Thomä

Independent financial advisor in Munich (Haar)

We experience createYourIdeas as a friendly, competent and punctual partner. All orders were carried out to our complete satisfaction. Our recommendation *****

Christoph Koehler

Managing director of the non-profit GmbH Abiola


We are happy to advise you and are always available to answer your questions.

Christian Thomä

Christian Thomä

managing Director
Mechanical Engineer

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