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Our motivation

We can only recommend the Africa Aid Project RASP to you. Herewith Christoph Köhler commits himself in the name of ABIOLA gGmbH to hardware and software for schools in Africa. We are proud of the successes and the support you have given to the project.

We have been supporting the great charitable project of Abiola gGmbH for a year now. The aim here is to correctly define both sensible hardware equipment and the software for the systems. We also help the Raspberry Pi OS course in the ABIOLA Academy build up.

The beginning of the Africa Aid project

It all started with a simple cloud system based on a Raspberry Pi server. This aroused the interest of the managing director Christoph Köhler of Abiola gGmbH.

Africa Aid Project RASPberry
The Argon ONE case with the internal ventilation seems to be a wonderful fit for the project.

The Raspberry Pi was an ideal inexpensive but also powerful computer that met the requirements for the non-profit company well. The main aim of this project is to help schools in Africa. This requires hardware and knowledge of how to use it. Nowadays it is essential for the development of children that they can use computers.

Africa Aid Project RASPberry and Photovoltaics

In addition to the IT hardware, the electricity factor plays a leading role. Many years of experience in the field of photovoltaic technology have enabled us to develop suitable systems even here. Thus, solar energy (PV), battery storage systems and energy-saving hardware ensure that the computers can be operated for a day at school.

Future prospects

There is no doubt that the project will be a real success. At this point in time, people in Africa have already been supported with solar modules and LED lights so that they can see in the dark.

Also check out the light portal for Africa aid project. Every donation counts!


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