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Create apps for free, but how?

First, let’s clarify the question of what programs are available to create apps for free. In the following we would like to give you an overview of different approaches. For this, we start with app building kits that require little programming knowledge. After that we will show you frameworks which require more knowledge.

Since the number of ways to develop apps is growing, we’ll limit ourselves to 4 ways. On the one hand, there are platforms like AppGyver and SmapOne with a no-code approach. There are also development environments like LiveCode. This environment follows a graphical approach and a programming language for beginners. On the other hand, the favorite for programmers is Google’s open-source framework Flutter. In addition, this framework uses the extremely popular Dart programming language.

Create apps for free with AppGyver vs. SmapOne

First, we compared the no-code approach in these two frameworks. At the same time, we find that familiarization with these frameworks is possible even without programming knowledge. To do this, drag and drop elements such as buttons onto the surface. Accordingly comparable with WordPress. Nevertheless, we recommend that you look at courses and tutorials first. By the way, data storage and data processing is an essential point in our opinion.

While the web application AppGyver from SAP convinces with the fact that costs are only incurred once a company has reached a turnover limit, the web application SmapOne surprises with a large number of templates. For example, such templates are travel expense claim forms or workplace safety forms. This allows you to digitalize your processes.

Once you’ve created and published an app, you can go to the associated app for AppGyver or SmapOne to unlock the app for users. This makes it possible to create simple apps for companies.

Create apps for free with LiveCode

First, LiveCode lets you quickly create custom apps for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android. In the same way, apps can also be created for iOS. You can only create open source software in the free version of LiveCode. Depending on how you use your software, the cost of the development environment will vary. Furthermore, the operating systems on which the app is to run are also decisive for the price. You can compare the prices on the official LiveCode page.

Program your own apps for free: Flutter & Dart

Finally we would like to introduce theframework Flutter with the programming language Dart. This allows you to create powerful and customizable apps. You can also create stable and modern user interfaces. In addition, you can embed graphical interfaces for Android by using packages like material or cupertino. Ditto for iOS interfaces. But the training requires programming knowledge. For this it is helpful to already have experience in different programming languages. It is also helpful to be familiar with object orientation. The great advantage in creating reveals itself in doing apps for free.

Create apps with Flutter
Extract from a program: This is what a widget can look like. Almost has CSS similarities, doesn’t it?

Most of all, we like the fact that everything is a widget in Flutter & Dart. You can find a good tutorial for example in this YouTube video:

Comparison of frameworks to create apps for free

CriteriaAppGyverSmapOneLiveCodeFlutter & Dart
Programming knowledgebarelybarelynormala lot
templates in the appnot knowa lotaccessibleLibraries
easy controlnormalfor experts
database connectionREST-APIREST or Smap storagemySQL possibledifferent possible
Cost aspectsfree for small to middle-sized companies14 days test phase without automatic purchase of aboOpenSource app is free, closed source expensiveframework free, costs for iOS app designer possible

General tips for creating iOS apps

On the one hand, you need a paid developer account with Apple to get apps into the AppStore. In addition, environments like Flutter or LiveCode require a macOS operating system. Thereby, compiling is important to create the apps. By the way, compiling means translating into the final program language.

More exciting development environments

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