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3D printing product idea implementation

Design product idea First, we design the 3D printing product idea in a CAD program. For this purpose there are free versions, e.g. FreeCAD, Blender as well as programs with costs, e.g. SolidWorks. Then we export the geometry. There are several formats for export such as .amf stl or obj file. 3D printing settings We…
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3D photo cube two photos

3D printing photo column individually designed

The first photo columns as 3D print have succeeded. 3D photos printed in this way are also called lithophanes. The image of the photo column is only effective in front of a light source. Due to different depths in the material, a black and white image appears when light falls on it. It is also…
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Left: sketch of the vase, middle: vase CAD, right: finished vase

From the idea to the real object

Introduction of 3D printing

Prusa Mini components part 1

Fascination Original Prusa Mini Part 1

Part 1: Unboxing – unpacking and checking the components After a very long wait of around 2 months, the Original Prusa Mini has finally arrived. The waiting time is a major shortcoming, but the decisive factor now will be whether the Prusa Mini can be set up well and whether it masters its tasks just…
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