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OpenSCAD – Program 3D parts!

OpenSCAD is a really great program for creating 3D parts. These features stand out in particular: First, you create highly complex geometries with a few lines of text. Second, you can make the parts parameterizable. That means you make a template and then by changing your variables the whole part changes. Finally, OpenSCAD is wonderfully…
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Blog Onshape

Onshape – The CAD for all devices

You’ve heard Onshape before, but you don’t know it yet? Furthermore, have you often wondered whether there are performant CAD systems for the tablet or the smartphone? You wanted to do without lengthy installations? Furthermore, do you use CAD either for your hobby or do you want to design products professionally with it? Moreover, do…
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Create FreeCAD 3D shape

In this post, we’ll show you the basics of creating simple 3D models. For this we use the program FreeCAD. With this you can create your models for 3D printing. If you want to create the described parts in this post download the software from the official site. Also, take a look at what great…
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