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Laravel on Raspberry Pi 4

Why Laravel? Why you should install Laravel on the Raspberry Pi 4? There are several reasons for this. With Laravel you can develop professional web applications. The free PHP framework Laravel is very well suited for object-oriented programming according to the MVC architecture. Thus, you achieve a low-maintenance code. If you are a PHP programmer,…
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Bachelor thesis marketing social media

Below we describe a possible topic for your bachelor thesis marketing social media. In the course of time, the demands on the distribution and the marketing . In this sense, a successful strategy must be developed for the age of Industry 4.0. To do this, you compare existing strategies with newer strategies. Both play that…
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What can I use to create apps?

First, let’s clarify the question of what programs are available to create your own apps? In the following we would like to give you an overview of different approaches. For this, we start with app building kits that require little programming knowledge. After that we will show you frameworks which require more knowledge. Since the…
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