Create FreeCAD drawing

Create FreeCAD drawing

This time we would like to demonstrate how to create a FreeCAD drawing. We will guide you through the individual steps in the OpenSource CAD program. Here you can install it.

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FreeCAD Teil ausrichten

First, open an existing part or assembly of yours. If you want to create a new part and need help, check out this post. Position the model so that you get the front view. To do this, use the cube in the upper right corner. There you select the front view, for example.

FreeCAD Zeichnung erstellen TechDraw

The part is now positioned for drawing. Then select the TechDraw working environment.

2.create FreeCAD drawing in TechDraw

  1. This button allows you to create a FreeCAD drawing from the default frame template that you have set as default.
  2. With this button you can directly select your template. You can see which templates are available under Select frame.

First, choose your default template. In the next step you will learn how to change the frame. frame

FreeCAD Zeichnung erstellen

Finally, you can see your drawing with the drawing header. If you want to set a different format or change the template:

  • Select the template001.
  • Go to the Template property.
  • Click on the 3 dots to open your template.
FreeCAD Drawing Templates
FreeCAD drawing templates, which you can choose by default.

4.load views of the model into the drawing

Now click in the tab of your model to create a FreeCAD drawing from your model.

  1. Choose your model
  2. Click on “Create views”.

  1. Now switch back to the drawing tab.
  2. In the Combo view, you can select the desired projections of your part.
  3. Then, for example, you can use the front view to move your projections on the drawing.

5.FreeCAD Create drawing with dimensions

FreeCAD Zeichnung erstellen Bemaßung Kreis

Create a drawing in FreeCAD with diameter dimensions:

  1. To dimension a circle, select it with the left mouse button.
  2. Then press the “Insert diameter dimension” tool.
FreeCAD Zeichnung erstellen Bemaßung

Create a FreeCAD drawing with parallel dimensions:

  1. To use a parallel distance measure, select an edge with the left mouse button.
  2. Then hold down the CTRL key and select the second edge with the left mouse button.
  3. Then use the “Insert Vertical Dimension” tool or press Shift+V.

Analogously to this procedure, you can also insert your horizontal or angular dimensions.

You can move the dimensions with the left mouse button. You can make the drawing bigger and smaller with the mouse wheel and also move it by clicking on it.

6.FreeCAD Fill drawing frame

FreeCAD Zeichnungskopf

Finally, you can fill the drawing header with your data. To do this, click on the areas marked in green. An input mask opens. Enter your text here and confirm with OK. on the subject

8.conclusion about FreeCAD Create Drawing

At the end, we would like to briefly summarize what the essential steps are when creating a drawing in FreeCAD.

First, you should already have a 3D model and load it into the program. If not, you can create it following these instructions. Then you can create a drawing from a standard template. Then select which part you want to have with which positions on the drawing. Then you can dimension your part with the tools. At the end, write your data in the drawing header.

With this, nothing stands in the way of your professional drawing. You are also welcome to ask us to create drawings for you. In doing so, we can create great drawings and even print prototypes of your parts for you.


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