Create Website – A Guide!

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To successfully create website you should answer some questions. We would like to guide you through a process here so that nothing stands in the way of your individual website.

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Create website, private or commercial

First of all, the boundary conditions for the website must be determined. First of all, it does not matter whether the website is operated privately or commercially.

Gipfgelgeil Homepage
The blog page as an example.

Determine the type of website

What kind of website did you have in mind. It makes a big difference whether you are creating private blog, a club site or a commercial online store. Therefore, this is the cornerstone of the further procedure.

Define target group

Which people do you want to reach? Thus, the target group may consist of people in a certain age segment. Or you only want to address people who are interested in a certain topic. In doing so, it is important that you think about the target audience. If you don’t know who you’re targeting, it will be difficult to find the prospect for your message.

Define content

Which content fits the target group? Finally, it is important that the visitor to your site gets value from visiting. For example, if he receives unique knowledge or experiences an exchange with people who are passionately interested in the same topic.

Create website, static or dynamic

Should the website be purely static and offer specific content. Or visitors can interact with the website such as write comments or write their own posts. Maybe visitors or subscribers should also send messages and have a conversation in the chat.

How should the content be managed?

Nowadays many websites are created with CMS systems like WordPress or Typo3. In addition, some entrepreneurs operate their online shops with systems such as Shopware or Prestashop. By choosing good themes and plugins, many designs and functions are adjustable. You can use free themes and plugins. By using paid themes and plugins, you usually have a wider range of functionality. With such products there is also often a better support.

Develop your own website?

Another possibility of web development is to develop your own website. With HTML and CSS knowledge you can create static websites relatively easy. But if you want to offer dynamic websites with a wide range of functions, frameworks and programming skills are required. If you rely on your own solutions, the effort for maintaining and updating your website can grow.

Create website with SEO

Onpage Optimization

On the one hand there is the onpage optimization. The aim is to improve the quality of the website. Both good and unique content as well as the right keywords and categories are essential. For a keyword research there are different tools among others also from Google like Google Analytics and Search Engine. It is also beneficial to provide a good user experience to the visitors.

Create Website: Excerpt from the plugin Yoast SEO Premium
The Yoast SEO help tool can be very helpful when creating pages and posts!

offpage optimization

On the other hand, offpage optimization is an important part of SEO. The goal is to get a good ranking in the search engines. However, without onpage optimization, offpage optimization makes little sense. First of all, when creating a website, the content and the strategy should fit. Also, organic linking is greater when your content is unique and interesting to your users. The bottom line is that offpage optimization is about getting backlinks. The more reputation a website has, the better for your website.

There are also other criteria such as the speed of your website. The selection of the provider and the suitable hosting package is important. Among other things, because of the following criteria:

  • Time for the request low
  • Possibility to scale website
  • Security measures and data protection provisions

Conclusion about creating a website

To create a decent website requires some preparation. Both organisational and technical aspects must be taken into account. On the one hand, it is the target group and the orientation of the website that are decisive. On the other hand, certain functions on the website must be taken into account. Finally, a sophisticated SEO strategy is essential to contribute to the success of the website.

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