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You have often wondered how to get your own website? Furthermore, you have no desire to teach yourself everything? That is why we will show you the individual steps up to the publication of your own website. You will also learn our very own tips and tricks.

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Selection of a hosting provider

Which hosting provider is right for you depends on your requirements. For you, providers such as Strato, Ionos, Checkdomain may come into question. Or you can use slightly more expensive but more scalable solutions at providers webgo or Raidboxes.

With big providers like Checkdomain you have the advantage that you get whole domain packages with inclusive services. With this you have e.g. for about 10 € per month 6 domains included plus enough webspace and databases for small to medium projects. For this, take a look at the rates at checkdomain, for example. In addition, you often have the advantage here that you can install a number of applications. For example, the quite well-known CMS solutions WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop or Drupal.

While with the providers just mentioned it is the amount of services that makes you stand out, with providers like webgo and Raidboxes it is the performance that stands out. Thus, these providers advertise with a guaranteed memory and processor performance. Depending on the size of your project, there is a suitable solution here. For example, check out the rates at Raidboxes or the rates at webgo.

Furthermore, it is advantageous for data protection but also the speed, if server is located in your region or country. Therefore it is recommended to choose providers who have their server location in your country.

Internet address of your own website

Next, check whether your desired address or domain is still available. There are various testing tools on the Internet for this purpose. To show you an example, we have ordered the address If you now check on checkdomain, for example, whether the website already exists, it looks like this:

Screeshot domain search own website checkdomain
In this case, for example, the domain would already be taken while would still be available.

Selection of a content management system

The choice of a CMS system is crucial for the further procedure of creating your own website. If you do not intend to program a website yourself and still want to have a customized solution for your own website, there is no way around it.

What is a content management system?

A content management system is a prefabricated internet program, which is supposed to help you with style templates (themes) and additional subprograms (plugins) to design your own website and to fill it with content.

Which CMS systems are available?

Furthermore, there are a number of CMS systems such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. In addition, own CMS systems can also be designed. However, due to the higher development costs, we only recommend this to companies.

Can several users work with one CMS at the same time?

As a rule, several users can be created in the CMS systems. In most cases, roles such as administrator or editor can be assigned. This allows each user to complete only the tasks intended for him. Conversely, this means that areas can be protected.

Can posts be published on a specific date?

This is another great feature that most CMS systems have. For example, WordPress offers such a function. This then looks like this, for example:
Eigene Internetseite Beitrag WordPress

Suitable templates for your own Internet site

When choosing templates for the design and functions of your own website, you should pay particular attention to functionality, flexibility, speed and user experience. We recommend you to inquire extensively about templates for your planned project, e.g. internet blog or online shop, before you use it. It is also recommended to try out free themes first and go for the paid versions if necessary. A popular free theme would be OceanWP, for example. An exclusively paid but very popular theme for wordpress is the Divi theme.

Scope of functions

The range of functions for your own website varies greatly. It makes a big difference whether you create an internet blog for your hobby group or an online shop for a large sales market. For example, for a small internet blog you need nice display options for your posts and a good design. In addition, for an online shop, you need a design for product display, presentation of your product info and a nicely illustrated handling process for the shopping cart and checkout.

Flexibility of the own internet pages

Furthermore, flexibility means that you can implement your own design requirements, colors, positioning of logo and menu. There are themes where different and multiple menus can be placed. The appearance of the menus also differs. In addition, the design options are very different. While in themes like Divi you can place images and text very freely, in other themes you have to use fixed blocks.

Speed and user experience

On the one hand, the speed also depends on the hosting provider. On the other hand, a well-programmed theme with fast loading times is essential for the user experience. If you have to wait a long time before you can read a blog post, there’s a good chance you’ll prefer another website.

Finally, this point is also essential in search engine optimization. Especially in the mobile area Google attaches more and more importance to short loading times.

Design and content of your own website

Ultimately, it comes down to content. With the help of proven content management systems you can create new pages or articles for your own website.

  1. Customize design

    First of all, we recommend you to set the theme design according to your ideas. To do this, set your colors, header image and logo for their own website.

  2. Create pages

    Next, you should create the basic pages for your own internet site. The start page, the imprint and also the data protection information should not be missing.

  3. Create menu

    When you have created the first pages you can fill in the menu and define the layout. Think about which pages and posts you want to link to.

  4. Set up cookie banner

    Also, don’t forget to use a cookie banner for your own website. There are various solutions for this. For example, we can recommend the plugin Borlabs Cookie Notice or DSGVO All in One. There are both free and paid versions of both plugins. With the paid versions, you can add more cookies to choose from. DSGVO All in One also comes with a privacy notice generator.

  5. Create posts

    Now you can also create regular posts. For this purpose it is advisable to work out a content strategy. This should then also determine the intervals of publication. As mentioned above, there are useful functions in WordPress, for example, to publish posts on time.

Search Engine Optimization

To run a successful website you need much more than design and content. It requires a sophisticated SEO strategy. Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about fulfilling the criteria that guarantee a good findability of your site. These include:

  • Searched content through keyword analysis and use of keywords and meta descriptions
  • Links of the individual pages as well as from and to external pages
  • Use of content analysis tools
  • Dealing with changing page names and using redirects, etc.

Conclusion own website

Finally, we would like to motivate you to create your own website. In the beginning, it is a learning process and it remains one. However, you will be able to go deeper with each step. In addition, we would also like to offer you to get in touch with us in case you have any further questions regarding your own internet site. We are happy to advise you and can also offer you support and assistance in the implementation of your projects.

If you are still interested in your own apps we can recommend the article about app development with Flutter.


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