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Fascination Original Prusa Mini Part 1

Prusa Mini components part 1

Part 1: Unboxing – unpacking and checking the components

After a very long wait of around 2 months, the Original Prusa Mini has finally arrived. The waiting time is a major shortcoming, but the decisive factor now will be whether the Prusa Mini can be set up well and whether it masters its tasks just as well as the Prusa MK3S (now MK3S +). Let’s go with Fascination Original Prusa Mini Part 1 . With a price of around € 400, the printer is definitely worth seeing.

Packaging of the Prusa Mini 3D printer
Packaging of the Prusa Mini 3D printer after removing the black protective film

After unpacking the box from the black adhesive film, you discover the typical Prusa box, which is provided with its own patterns, inscriptions and graphics. That makes a difference. Next we unpack the components and place them next to each other.

  • Prusa Mini components part 1
  • Prusa Mini X, Y and Z axes

Fascination Original Prusa Mini – What’s in it?

When we take the components out of the packaging from top to bottom, we first place the following parts on the table:

  • PLA filament samples
  • PEI steel sheet
  • Tools for building
  • USB stick for saving G-Code for the 3D models or for uploading new firmware to the 3D printer
  • Fastening elements (screws, nuts) with a cheatsheet (to check the size of the elements)
  • LCD monitor door (still packed here)
  • Assembly instructions in German (quasi assembly instructions) and the manual or operating instructions on the back
  • Gummy bears (very important as a reward according to the instructions)
  • Components for the external filament dispenser
  • Foam feet for the 3D printer and the filament dispenser
  • If necessary, the optional filament sensor
  • Power cord (power supply unit is also added, cannot be seen in the picture)
  • Stickers for Prusa fans or those who will be afterwards.

This time, the power supply is installed externally differently than on the Prusa MK3S.

In the lower part of the box you will find all axes as well as the associated built-in motors for the axes and the conveyance of the filament through the PTFE tube. These assemblies were already assembled in our shipment. Since we also assembled the Prusa MK3S in the kit, we save a lot of time. However, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the structure of the assemblies so that a later replacement of components can be thought through in advance. The instructions for replacing components can also be found on the Prusa page https://help.prusa3d.com/de/ .

Fascination Original Prusa Mini – A motivating concept! Gummy bears, cheatsheets …

  • Prusa Mini assembly instructions
  • Prusa cheatsheet with screws and Allen key

Unboxing Original Prusa Mini – assembly

After unpacking and checking for completeness and good condition of the parts (especially the 3D-printed parts need to be checked), assembly can begin. For this you have to roughly, depending on your ability 1 to 2 hours plan on. The instructions supplied are always great and even have a motivating effect. It feels as fun to assemble as it is with one Lego project / game . In between, you are also encouraged to treat yourself to a few gummy bears as a reward.

The Prusa Communtiy

If something has changed on the printer in the meantime, you will also be informed about more up-to-date instructions on the Internet with an additional note and you can even actively participate in the description process with comments there, if you want. The concept of the Prusa 3D printer is a really great support in interaction with well-functioning and visually appealing devices. In addition, the “Prusa Community” has some templates for printing, as well as forums and descriptions of functions and troubleshooting.

Fascination Original Prusa Mini – first use

  • Prusa Mini language selection
  • Prusa Mini setup assistant

The first start of the Prusa Original Mini 3D printer works flawlessly so far. You are also directed to the language selection and can use the setup assistant to check the functions and then to carry out the first shift calibration.


Despite the long waiting time, the unboxing was really fun again with the “Prusa concept”. The first shift calibration worked so far and now it’s time to get down to business.

Addendum: The Prusa Mini has so far mastered all tests with flying colors. That’s why it’s in ours now Shop to find, see Prusa Mini 3D printer assembly kit .


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