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Flutter is a framework for developing cross-platform applications. In this short post, we will show you the benefits of the framework.

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What’s Flutter?

First, we would like to briefly introduce Flutter. Flutter is a development kit that supports high-performance and future-oriented development of native and web apps. The modern programming language Dart is used for this purpose. Both the framework and the programming language are developments from Google. In addition, the development kit and programming language are available under an open source license. Therefore they can be used for private as well as for commercial purposes free of charge. Especially short development cycles as well as high execution speeds on different platforms are the focus of Flutter’s development.

What are the basic functions of Flutter?

The development kit convinces with many integrated functions to enable a secure development process. For example, the following functions are very useful.

  • The command “flutter create” creates the project. For this purpose, the framework creates a folder. It also creates the required files.
  • Furthermore there is a live view. This means that we can always present the customer with an up-to-date version. We can provide you with previews for smartphones, tablets as well as browsers.
Flutter Emulation Google Pixel XL
For example, we can emulate the app live on an Android device. Here, it would be the Google Pixel XL.
  • In addition, we include corresponding flutter libraries. This means, among other things, that we use attractive and user-friendly control elements. For this purpose, there are, for example, the packages Material or Cupertino.
  • Through a sophisticated system of widgets, very modular apps can be built.
  • In addition, debugging is very well executed with a good debug concept and a zero-safety concept.

Arguments for the Flutter Framework

  • First, there is the possibility to create native apps for the end devices from one source. For example, an app for iOS, an app for Android, and a web app for the browser.
  • Second, it’s very easy to incorporate features from Google Firebase or Firecloud. For example, data can be stored in the Firecloud. In addition, teams can cooperate on these platforms.
  • Third, Flutter development enjoys a growing community and extensive documentation. This ensures maintenance and long-term maintainability.
  • Fourth, progressive web apps are not a problem. As a result, you can reduce your running costs. Furthermore, a good performance can be assumed.
  • Fifth, the language used, Dart, can be seen as a modern evolution of JavaScript.

What can we offer you?

If you want to have a modern and forward-thinking native Flutter app or Flutter web app, then we can offer you our services. Finally, Flutter lends itself to agile software development. Because of the live view on mobile devices and in the browser, we can share results with you quickly. This reduces the cost risks of your project.

Other possibilities for your app?

Of course, there are many ways to build your app. Check out the post on 4 selected app development tools.


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