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You want to know how to create a pyramid in FreeCAD? Then we have found the ultimate solution for you in the Part workspace. Download the latest version here. For the purpose of this article, we will use version 0.19.

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In FreeCAD CAD software there are different approaches and workspaces to solve certain challenges and implement ideas. Here, a very important workspace for parametric sketches and extrusions is the Part Design workspace. As an example, you can see in this post how to use it to create a cuboid, for example. To create a FreeCAD pyramid or cuboid there is also a simpler workspace.

  1. Open the Part workspace.

The workspace Part

FreeCAD Form Generator

If you have opened the Part workspace, you will see several shapes there.

  • Cube: With this tool you create cubes or cuboids of any dimensions.
  • Cylinder: With this you create the cylinder with your dimensions
  • Sphere: Spheres are also no problem in this work area
  • You can also easily create a torus or a tube.

Now you’re wondering where the pyramid is.

  1. Click the icon with the shapes on top of each other.

Wedge tool for FreeCAD Pyramid

Shape from wedge

In this menu you can now choose from different tools.

  1. Select the Wedge tool.
  2. Then create the wedge with the specified dimensions.
  3. After that, close the shape generator.

Then you will be shown a wedge. But we’ll make that one a pyramid now.

From wedge to FreeCAD pyramid

First we will show you the general wedge. Here we look at the default settings.

FreeCAD Wedge
  1. Now select the wedge in the model window.
  2. In the properties window you can now specifically define the corners of the pyramid.
  3. You can see the coordinate system in the corner.

In the figure you can also see where each of the X,Y and Z values are on the wedge.

To turn this wedge into a FreeCAD pyramid, we will give you an example configuration.

FreeCAD Pyramid ready
  • We leave the origin with Xmin, Ymin and Zmin on the coordinate origin.
  • Next, we select the maximum values Xmax, Ymax, and Zmax. With this we define the base area and the height of our pyramid (Attention: The height is on the Y-axis).
    • Here we choose Xmax = 50, Ymax=40 and Zmax=50
  • For the top to converge, X2min=X2max and Y2min=Y2max should be used. To get a centered tip X2min=1/2*(Xmax-Xmin)=25 and Y2min=1/2*(Ymax-Ymin)=25 should be valid.

FreeCAD Pyramid Creation Video


Now, using simple tools and with the help of the program, you have created a FreeCAD pyramid. Next, let’s show you how to prepare this pyramid for printing in the slicing program Cura. Or feel free to download the finished files of the sample at our Prusa page.


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