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You’ve heard Onshape before, but you don’t know it yet? Furthermore, have you often wondered whether there are performant CAD systems for the tablet or the smartphone? You wanted to do without lengthy installations? Furthermore, do you use CAD either for your hobby or do you want to design products professionally with it? Moreover, do you want to work in a team and see changes of the others immediately? If you can answer yes to one or more of the questions, then we recommend that you continue reading our article.

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Onshape is available in the browser or as an app

You can use the Onshape CAD system in the browser or download it as an app for some tablets and smartphones. Thereby, there is the possibility to create parts both for working in the browser from a PC and for working from the app.

Onshape free for your hobby or paid commercial

The use of Onshape allows free use for testing purposes or for your hobby, or paid use for work in a commercial setting. While in the commercial realm your models are private by default, in the non-commercial realm the parts and assemblies you create are public for all to see and use.

For non-commercial use, you can create parts and assemblies as well as drawings for them. You can also use the work in a group.

However, if you have a commercial use in mind, then there are different licensing models here. These differ, among other things, in release management, workflow management and document management. There are also opportunities for analysis. The creation of parts lists, surface and sheet metal processing and direct support are included in all license models.

Working in a team – versions and comments

Working in a team with the help of integrated version management and comment functions is a modern and future-oriented model for us. It also reminds you of working in OneDrive documents or Google documents.

Comments Off on Onshape
Creating comments in Onshape
Version History Onshape
Version history in Onshape

Create 3D parts

Time required: 1 minute.

The creation of 3D parts with the Onshape is quite simple and can be compared to most CAD systems.

  1. Select layer for your sketch

    First, select the layer on which you want to draw your 2D sketch.

  2. Select 2D shape and position it on the layer

    Then select a shape from the sketch tools. For example, you select a center circle and then set its center to the origin.

  3. Use 2D dimensioning tool

    Finally, you can quite simply specify the dimension(s) of your part using a single dimensioning tool. This allows you to work parametrically from the start and define the proportions.

  4. Close sketch and select 3D tool

    Now close the 3D sketch and select a 3D tool. In our example, that would be “Sign out linear.”

  5. Specify parameters in the 3D tool

    When you select your 3D tool, you can select your sketch either before you select it or after. You also determine whether a solid or a surface is created. In our example, we now select the Depth parameter for the resulting cylinder.

Conclusion Onshape for hobby or commercial areas

We find Onshape to be a modern CAD system that stands out for several features. One is the ability to work on desktop as well as mobile devices. On the other hand, the integrated work in the team with the help of the version management and the comment functions. Furthermore, the operation is intuitive for people who come from another CAD system. The system is also very suitable for beginners.

Blog Onshape
Example of a simple onshape assembly

Finally, for the professional sector, we still have the question of data sovereignty and data protection.

If you are interested in a free CAD system for the desktop we can recommend the article about FreeCAD. In it you will learn how to create a 3D part in this software. Or you want to program CAD parts? Learn how to do this in the article about OpenSCAD.


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