PETG printing – Our specialty!

PETG Farbsäule

PETG printing is one of our specialties! That is why we want to bring you closer to when you should use this stable and versatile material. We will also show you which different colors we have used to date by means of a PETG color tower.

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When you should print with PETG!

Especially if you have higher demands for your 3D prints than for decoration or mere illustrative material, it is recommended to use other materials than PLA. Due to its composition, PLA decomposes at lower temperatures and the influence of moisture.

Therefore, here we list the advantages of printing with PETG:

  • Better temperature resistance than PLA
  • Water, weather resistance
  • Very good adhesion to the heated pressure board
  • Available in a wide range of very impressive colors, glossy surface
  • Printed parts can be designed for loads. For example, Prusa 3D printers use self-printed PETG parts for their printers.
  • Easy handling during printing
  • Low odor especially compared to ABS / ASA
  • More flexible than PLA and thus less risk of breakage

Typical applications for PETG printing can be:

  • mechanical components
  • Housing
  • Brackets
  • Waterproof prints such as pots, vessels, pipe joints.

PETG Prusament Colors

To show you how impressive prints in PETG can look, we have printed a color tower. We used Prusament spools because the quality of these filaments is really great.

7 beautiful colors for PETG printing
  • Signal White
  • Neon Green Transparent
  • Ultramarine Blue Transparent
  • Clear
  • Yellow Gold
  • Carmine Red Transparent
  • Prusa Galaxy Black

How you can create a color tower for multicolor prints without any additional accessories you can see in this article.


Finally, we would like to recommend you to use PETG for prints where you have higher demands on resilience and environmental impact. In order to meet your requirements in terms of stress and color selection and to take advantage of the good printing properties of the material, we print with this material as standard. Nevertheless, you can also request us to print in your desired material. Both PLA and ABS / ASA are possible here.


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