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Cura 3D Slicer

Cura 3D Prints slicing

We will show you how to prepare 3D prints in Cura. Different printers and filaments can be set and numerous printing properties can be determined. Along with Prusa Slicer, it is one of the most popular slicing software for 3D printing. Use the latest version In order to use the latest features and settings, we…
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FreeCAD Pyramid transparent

FreeCAD Create Pyramid

You want to know how to create a pyramid in FreeCAD? Then we have found the ultimate solution for you in the Part workspace. Download the latest version here. For the purpose of this article, we will use version 0.19. Workspaces In FreeCAD CAD software there are different approaches and workspaces to solve certain challenges…
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Multicolor 3D Printing on Prusa Mini

3D printing multicolor

In this post, we’ll show you how to make your 3D print multicolor, and without any additional components! For this we use the color change setting in Prusa Slicer and create a color tower with 7 different colors as an example! Load model into Prusa Slicer First, load the part into the Prusa Slicer. It…
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PETG Farbsäule

PETG printing – Our specialty!

PETG printing is one of our specialties! That is why we want to bring you closer to when you should use this stable and versatile material. We will also show you which different colors we have used to date by means of a PETG color tower. When you should print with PETG! Especially if you…
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