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Use word format templates the right way

Office Suite 365

Proper use of Word styles helps to achieve a unified design, defined formatting, can save time and be fun. We would like to give you a few tips & tricks below to make your work faster, more comfortable and automate your routine work.

Word style sheet

To create a consistent image it is advantageous to use your defined style sheets. First, open your document and select the line with the desired paragraph. Then show the style sheet catalog. To do this, you will find an arrow in the lower right corner of the “Styles” field under the “Start” tab.

Change existing stylesheet

You can change an existing style sheet.

To change an existing style sheet choose the style sheet for your paragraph. You can right click and choose the change menu. Define all your settings for your style sheet and confirm with ok.

Adjust your style sheet with changing all required options. Then confirm with ok.

Congratulations! You have adjusted you style sheet.

Word stylesheets & shortcuts

Did you know that you can use style sheets by using key shortcuts? By defining your custom shortcuts you can create your writing work much more intuitive. To link an existing style sheet with a shortcut combination you have to follow these instructions:

  1. At first you choose the menu for changing the style sheet.
  2. After that you click on the drop down menu “Format”.
  3. Now you click on the button “Shortcuts”. A windows pops up.
  4. Now you enter your preferred shortcut combination in the window “Change shortcut combination” in the text field “Change shortcut combination” e.g. STRG+I.
  5. Finally confirm all opened windows with “OK”.

Congratulations, you have defined a shortcut for the style sheet!

Create new style sheets

Next we want to show you how to define your own style sheets. To do this, first select a format template that you want to redefine. Then click on the symbol to create a new format template.

Create a new format template. Click the A + arrow and the format template dialog opens.

Then make your settings as in the section “Change format template” and finally confirm with “OK”.

Congratulations! You have created a new style sheet.

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