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Your Nextcloud on the Raspberry Pi

Why should you use Nextcloud?

On the one hand, the following goals can be achieved with the Nextcloud software:

  • Save sensitive data on your own devices.
  • Adapt the user interface to your own requirements. For example for your “corporate design”. It doesn’t matter whether you are a company or a private person.
  • Adding apps as needed is very easy (e.g. calendar, password manager).
  • Synchronize your data via apps for Windows, Android or Linux.
  • You can also manage your projects with the “Deck” app. You can assign cards and move them through a kind of “approval process”.
  • Incidentally, the “dashboard” can provide information for each user individually.

The following goals can also be pursued:

  • Synchronize contact data via suitable apps (e.g. with the WebDAV protocol)
  • Include document server to enable joint work on documents (e.g. OnlyOffice, Collabora server)

The cloud solution with the Raspberry Pi and the Nextcloud service is a cost-effective and reliable solution. Suitable hardware is available in the Shop . We are also happy to offer coordinated solutions for your requirements.

Nextcloud Pi Screenshot Home
Start screen in the Nextcloud. You can determine which information you want to see here. The top menu takes you to the individual apps. You can communicate with the Talk app, for example. All members can also communicate via smartphone, such as WhatsApp.

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