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What can you do with your own cloud?

First, let’s show you what you can do with the private cloud:

  • First, store confidential data on your own devices.
  • Second, customize the user interface to your own preferences. For example for your “corporate design”. It does not matter whether you are a company or an individual.
  • Third, adding apps to the private cloud is very easy. For example, a calendar or a password manager.
  • Fourth, sync your data via apps. There are cross-platform solutions for this. For example, on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Linux distributions.
  • You also manage your projects with the “Deck” app. To do this, you assign cards. After that, there is an approval process.
  • By the way, a dashboard can be personalized. This allows each user to customize their home page.

Why a private cloud?

For one thing, it depends on where you want your data to be stored. If you want to have an intranet where there is a cloud, such a cloud is a good choice. Furthermore, you can operate in a VPN network. It is best for secure use not to share the cloud with the outside world. If you plan to use your cloud from the internet as well, be careful. The more people who have access to it, the more dangerous it becomes for your data.

Useful functions of the private cloud

  • Synchronize contact data via suitable apps. You can use the WebDAV protocol, for example.
  • Include document server. This allows you to work together on documents. For example, with OnlyOffice or a Collabora server.

Nextcloud is a cost-effective and reliable solution. We are also happy to offer tailored solutions for your requirements.

Private Cloud Nextcloud Pi
Start screen in the Nextcloud

More information about the private cloud

Which operating system do I use on the Raspberry Pi?

To install the Raspberry Pi OS, check out the following post. This allows you to implement a cost-effective private cloud.


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